Cocktails also do well here.

 Eight curiously-named creations, sometimes simple, other times sophisticated, always subtle:


The "#Dauphine" imparts cucumber; the traditional  #Malfy & Tonic" overthrows Gin-tonic codes ; the « #saintgermain » pays hommage to this legendary region of festival and belles lettres through a intimate association of tequila, Cointreau and lime ; "#Monnais"  forms an alliance between rum and an astonishing number of other ingredients to produce a blend of remarkable subtlety.


Before as after your meal, as many distillations to be enjoyed whether at your table or at the bar.

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The establishment’s wine policy – developed by the head sommelier at

 Ô Château – is resolutely free-range, encouraging interactions that are sometimes reassuring, often original, always distinctive.


On the list you’ll find 150 wines, classified by region – a mixture of little gems (from 30 euros) and the finest grands crus. With an eye always on exploration, this is a list which evokes the future - natural wines, very much in vogue, nothing too out of the ordinary - and of course, those orange wines… By the glass, more than ten constantly changing items provide a rewarding range of samples – something for everyone.