[noun – literally: bitten; figuratively: hooked] :
a person of powerful appetites…

Welcome to MORDU

 At the heart of the Marché Saint-Germain; a testament to outstanding cuisine and the pleasures of conviviality…

First, the Pleasures of the Table

Experience  simple yet daring creations with a certain uninhibited bistrot

(savoir-faire)or you could say know-how of chef Baptiste Trudel The former chef of the Yard, the popular 11th arrondissement bistro on the opposite side of the river.

Followed by, the Pleasure of Sharing

  Rethinking (Recounting) of the starter/main-dish/dessert stereotype.

Instead, celebrate the gathering of friends, meeting new people and first and foremost, talking about cocktails,  wine and food with the experts in an unpretentious, intimate setting.

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